How to mine etherum on windows pc?

We are living in the technical era where you will find innovative things. Well, I would say, you have already heard about cryptocurrency before reading this article. Such currencies are getting the hype with the financial system, and transactions work. Thus, what would be the best way to enjoy such growth? If you are looking for a lot of earnings, then it would be better to invest in the coins. If you want Ethereum, then it would be better to exchange with Binance or Coinbase. Binance has considered as a most popular thing of tokens to invest in whereas; coinbase has an innovative user experience.

Ethereum is completely open software that is completely based on the blockchain technology.  It enables developers to construct and organize decentralized applications. The best thing about Ethereum is that it supports a different kind of applications. It is a second popular market cap after bitcoin, and gain massive growth in the last financial year. If you are looking for mining on windows, then it would be quite difficult. With this article we have comes with a tutorial that will help you to start mining ethereum windows 10 in the fraction of minutes.

Install Geth and sync with blockchain

Before doing something, you should download and install the Geth. It is the program the communicated with the Ethereum Networks and broadcast between your computer and its hardware.  Thus, if mine is blocked by another computer your Geth program will grab it and then pass the new details to your GPU for mining.

What about command prompt?

After that, you have to unzip the Geth file and move it to your favorite location on your hard drive. In this case, most of the people prefer to move it to the hard drive C. Thus, mining ethereum windows 10 it isn’t easy as it seems.