All You Need To Know About Wireless Router

The wireless router provides you internet networks from which you can connect many devices. It connects all the devices with one internet protocol router address. It means you can communicate with each other better. There are two types of the network which you can use one is LAN and the second one is WAN. LAN network is also known as home or office network.

Or on the other hand, WAN are mostly used in big companies because of their big network. LAN and WAN network have its IP address from which you can connect many devices. LAN network is used in a limited way as WAN networks are used broadly and largely.

IP address

When a device connected with a network, then the device makes a router address that is known as IP. The address part refers to a unique number which gets links to all the online activities that you are doing. When we connect to a public network, then the device get the new IP address. Every WI-FI router contains its IP router address. You can better use it and can communicate with surrounding one. The internet protocol is the identity of a network to connect with one computer to other devices.

Basic information of the routers

  • Work of router– a router is the best hardware device for home, office or for a company. You can better use it anywhere to enjoy its more features. It is a device that connects between the modem and the computer. It transfers all the data into the computer with safety and security.
  • The advantage of the routers– the basic advantage you can get form it is information about all the networks better. You can enjoy internet services anywhere in your home or office. You can use many devices with the same router address or network.